Hand crafted flutes designed for chakra sound healing

My flutes are handmade Native American Style 6-hole Flutes tuned to the frequency of 432Hz, the harmonic intonation of nature. The fundamental note of each flute is in a key to vibrate a particular chakra. Whether you are playing for others or yourself, listening to 432Hz music resonates inside the body, releasing emotional blockages, and expanding consciousness.

Sound Healing Flutes (see photos & sound files for examples):

-key of G, 432hz, resonating with Vishudda (Throat Chakra)
-key of F#, 432hz, resonating with Anahata/Vishudda  (Heart Chakra/Throat Chakra)
-key of F, 432hz, resonating with Anahata (Heart Chakra)
-key of E, 432hz, resonating with Manipura (Navel Chakra)
-key of A, 432hz, resonating with Ajna (Third Eye)
-key of B, 432hz, resonating with Sahasrara (Crown Chakra)

The flutes are made from different types of wood such as Teak, Sisso (Indian Rosewood), Himalayan Cedar, and Pine with artwork (mantras, crystals, & images) related to the Key/chakra of the flute. Upon special request, I can put your favorite stone, burn, paint, and carve images in your flute.

Since each flute is handmade they are all different. Upon request of a particular key, I can email you photos and a link to a sound file so that you can hear the exact flute you will purchase. Each flute includes a hard case and a Pdf file as an introduction to your flute for maintenance and playing. Please read the postings on sound healing and 432hz tuning to better understand the philosophy behind the tuning of my flutes.

The Native American Style Flute is an excellent instrument for all, even those who don’t have a musical background as it is easy to play. To play well takes time, but to start getting sound and creating melodies is easy and can be done immediately. There are many Native American Style Flute websites and Youtube videos to help you along your flute playing journey.

Some of the flutes posted in the photos may still be in stock. Contact me for current stock and requests.
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